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Sugery Instruments

The dental surgery, with its manifold application areas, requires various surgical instruments for tasks such as the apicectomy or the bone management as well as the separation of teeth. NTI offers specially developed surgical instruments made of tungsten carbide and high-grade stainless steel. In our product range for maxillofacial surgery you will find various bone cutters (Allport Bone Cutters, NTI Bone Cutter H254A with extra sharp cutting edges, various Lindemann bone cutters), Trepan burs for bone harvesting as well as internally cooled instruments. In the area of implantology, NTI pilot drills have become indispensable.

Round diamond instruments as well as the NTI ChirDia are available as a useful addition. They are both used for the removal of roots and apicectomy, and the separation of teeth. The surgical diamond disc NTI ChirDisc facilitates the bone harvesting for the bone build-up. Another special instrument the NTI TissueTrimmer represents an alternative or supplement to the use of scalpels and electrosurgery. The special ceramic tip causes the vessels to coagulate and reduces the haemorrhagic tendency.

The specially developed blade configurations of the instruments contribute to the treatment success in the surgical practice. Selected high-quality raw materials and latest production methods ensure the instruments’ long service life. The high-precision shanks guarantee a vibration-free run of the instruments.

The high quality and the wide range of NTI surgical instruments expand the treatment possibilities in the surgical and implantological dental practice.