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Rotary Dental Instruments for the Dental Surgery

In our product line you will find a wide range of rotary dental instruments, such as Diamond Burs, Surgery Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Burs, Finishing Carbide Burs, Root Posts, Endodontic Instruments, Arkansas Stones, Abrasives with Ceramic Bond, Polishers and Prophylaxis instruments for all dental materials.

For more than 20 years, dental professionals all over the world have appreciated the quality of NTI’s medical devices in their daily work. In addition to conventional instruments such as diamond burs, tungsten carbide burs, polishers, surgical instruments and root posts made of glass fiber or titanium, NTI also offers innovative solution providers such as the EasyChamfer in parallel or conical, an instrument for the time-saving and safe chamfer preparation, or the InPrep for the optimal inlay and cavity preparation. The InPrep eliminates the need for changing instruments and thus, preparations for composite fillings or inlays can be carried out within 30 seconds.

The revolutionary root post system TopHead and the further development TopHead SAR for rescuing fractured titanium posts or the original Depth Markers by Dr. M. J. Caldwell complete the line of the NTI rotary dental instruments for the dental office.