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The diamond instruments of the Abacus 2000® series for dental practice are available in the most common shapes such as round, bud, pear, taper, flame, torpedo and cylinder. The large variety of shapes as well as the three different grits (fine, medium and coarse) allow for all types of preparations such as chamfer, shoulder, cavity and inlay preparation. The instruments are UniMatrix® diamond-coated and have got a higher diamond density compared to conventional diamond burs. In addition, the UniMatrix® technology ensures a uniform distribution of and defined spaces between the diamond particles on all NTI diamond grinding instruments.

The special coating on these diamond instruments creates a particularly smooth surface between the diamond particles. This means that the instrument is constantly rinsed free which allows for a particularly cool grinding with NTI instruments of the ABACUS 2000® series. These features facilitate the cleaning and care of the ABACUS 2000® diamonds which leads to time savings in the daily work of a dental practice.

The pear, taper, flame and torpedo shapes of NTI diamond burs are also available as ABACUS 2000® Turbo. NTI Turbo diamond instruments have a diamond-free spiral, which guides the cooling water directly to the preparation. In combination with the NTI UniMatrix® diamond-coating, the rotary diamond instruments from NTI produce an excellent surface. The spiral coating also creates new cutting edges, which increase the removal rate of the NTI turbo diamond burs.