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Diamond Instruments

NTI offers more than 400 different diamond instruments in up to 6 different grit sizes for every situation in dental practice:
  • supercoarse (SC) grit for fast reduction and removal of old fillings
  • coarse (C) and medium (M) grits for reduction, pre-trimming and universal trimming of the tooth substance
  • fine (F), superfine (SF) and ultrafine (UF) grits for fine grinding pre-prepared tooth surfaces, as well as finishing and smoothing composite fillings
Our product line for the dental practice contains all standard shapes from round, bud, egg and knife edge to flame, taper, torpedo and cylinder. In addition to these shapes, the line also comprises depth markers, reducers, palatal and periodontal instruments as well as the particularly tiny Kiddies for the minimally invasive preparation. By means of continuous exchange of information with dentists and dental technicians worldwide, conventional diamond instruments for cavity and chamfer preparation, depth marking and diamond strips have been improved further. Torpedo or tapered diamond burs have been further developed to the EasyChamfer. Another specialty is the InPrep which significantly simplifies the inlay and cavity preparation while saving valuable working time in dental practice.

NTI diamond strips are available in 8 different designs and 3 different grits. In addition, we offer some strips also with a serrated edge.

The existing variety of products and shapes enable to carry out all work in the dental practice such as cavity or crown preparation but also the preparation of fillings including the removal of old fillings. Other fields of application are root canal preparation and root smoothing. Our rotary instruments are also used in special areas such as orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, crown and bridge as well as in composite technology.