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NTI's endodontic program includes a selection of the most important steel and tungsten carbide instruments for endodontic treatment and ranges from barbed broaches to gates, peesos and root fillers. High-quality raw materials guarantee a long service life. Various diameters and working part lengths provide an ideal selection for each individual patient’s requirements. With the NTI Reamer, K-Files and Hedstroem files the root canal area can be optimally prepared for filling. The root fillers, with and without a safety spiral, make the task of distributing the liquid filling materials easier.

The round diamond instrument 802L with diamond-coated neck is specially designed for opening and expanding the pulp chamber. The long, diamond-coated instrument neck facilitates the preparation of a large opening to provide access for root treatment. The medium diamond grit ensures quick, yet minimally invasive preparation of the tooth substance.

NTI also offers H1SNL carbide burs for the endodontic treatment of root canals. The small diameters enable the root canals of even the most gracile anterior teeth to be located, opened and extended. The longer slim neck allows the canals to be reliably located without restricting the view, particularly under the endodontic microscope. The cutting geometry has been especially designed to allow faster cutting. This makes the removal of even hardened dentin easier.

Our endodontics program also includes nickel-titanium files. The NTi EndoClean system was developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dr. Rudolf Beer, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Gängler and Dr. Thomas Lang of the Ormed Institute (Institute for Oral Medicine) at the University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany. Four diameters and two conicities reduce the number of instruments required for endodontic treatment to a minimum. The clear selection and the high quality of the nickel-titanium files guarantee an optimum treatment success and a high efficiency.