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Finishing Carbide Burs

Our finishing carbide burs are made of high-quality, fine grit tungsten carbide which is highly resistant to wear. This results in the instruments’ long service life and high cost-efficiency. The latest production standards are applied to produce blade configurations with optimum finishing abilities on the different materials.

The shapes which range from round, grenade and flame over egg shape up to torpedo and taper, along with the choice of different sizes enable an accurate and gradual reduction of the substance until fine finishing, which prepares the surface for subsequent polish perfectly. With a selection of up to three different cutting edges - from 8 to 30 blades – the choice can be made according to the requirements of each situation. This reduces the number of instrument changes.

In addition to the three steps finishing system NTI offers one step finishing carbides. The special blade configuration with additional transversal cross cut creates a very smooth surface on composite fillings. As a result, the time required for the preparation of the fillings is significantly reduced. The polish can follow immediately after finishing. Thus, there is no need to change instruments which saves valuable work time in dental practice. The one step finishing carbides are available in the shapes H48LS, H134S, H135S, H379S and H390S.

The NTI finishing carbide burs are used in the preparation of fillings, in maxillofacial surgery as well as in implantology.