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NTI polishers are made of the highest quality raw materials and are specially designed for polishing the different dental materials. The NTI polishing system CeraGlaze achieves outstanding results in polishing all ceramics and zirconia. The special bonding with integrated diamond particles ensures a perfect surface finish. For the polishing of composite fillings, you will find the largest selection of composite polishers by far, from the single use polisher FlexiPol, the one-step system Unique or the BrushGloss brushes with incorporated silicon carbide polishing particles, up to the two-step system DiaGloss. In our product range you will also find the widely used Greenie and Brownie polishers (NTI EpsiPol), which are suitable for polishing gold, amalgam and composite.

The use of the most diverse materials in the dental practice results in the continuous expansion and further development of our already extensive range of polishing systems. Whether for the polishing zirconia, ceramics, composites, veneering materials, amalgam, precious and semi-precious alloys, prosthetic acrylics or cement, you will find the suitable polishers in various polishing steps such as pre-polishing, shine polishing and high gloss polishing as well as contouring and finishing.

The variety of shapes of NTI dental polishers ranges from flames, points, cups, knife-edges to various brushes, just to name a few. The extensive line of NTI carbide burs and NTI diamond instruments is completed by the very wide selection of dental polishers which allows the dentist to choose the right NTI polishing system for the individual situation in the office.