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Today, dental prophylaxis is an important field in a dental practice, since the preservation of teeth has become more important than ever before. For the overall prophylaxis NTI offers the ProfiLax3 complete system for use with polishing paste. The prophylaxis polishers are available in three hardnesses and are ideal for the targeted removal of plague and light tartar.

The yellow - hard - version is recommended for particularly tenacious plague. The effort and time required for polishing are reduced. The white polishers and brushes with medium hardness represent the standard prophylaxis instruments. The soft pink instruments allow for a particularly patient-friendly work. They facilitate prophylaxis for sensitive patients and ensure gentle cleaning of damaged teeth and gums. The instruments are available with RA shank, as snap-on and screw type instruments. This allows an individual selection depending on the needs of the dental practice.

In addition, NTI offers the ProphylaxeMaster polishers - polishers which already contain abrasive materials. This way the use of polishing paste is reduced or becomes redundant. An incorporated superfine abrasive grit is released from the bond during polishing. This allows a gentle polish and reduces the risk of injury to the tooth. The NTI ProphylaxeMaster can be sterilized and consequently used several times which increases the profitability in prophylaxis. The points are ideal for interdental area, dimples and fissures. The cups are perfect for polishing the vestibular and oral surfaces as well as for the occlusals. In the case of particularly tenacious plague polishing paste can be used additionally. The polishing effect is enhanced and the prophylaxis can be completed more quickly.