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Root Posts

NTI offers one of the most extensive product lines in the field of root posts made of titanium and glass fiber.

The various systems (RPR made of titanium, burn-out plastic posts, HeadMaster, PinMaster and PostMaster systems made of titanium) provide a solid and economical basis for the stabilization of the root after endodontic treatment. Titanium-made root posts systems are available in passive and active designs.

In 2006 the fiber-reinforced NTI FiberMaster root posts were developed in a tapered version in the root, with and without head, as well as a parallel one, with and without head.

At the IDS 2013 in Cologne NTI presented the revolutionary glass fiber root post system TopHead for the first time. Separately attachable heads and posts open up a wide range of possibilities according to the individual situation. For the first time temporary restorations can be optimally fixed after endodontic treatment has been completed. Through the opening in the head, the glass-fiber-reinforced root post can be inserted into the root canal at any later time. If no root post is used, the NTI TopHead head can always be used separately to allow a stable fixation. The two components of the TopHead system can also be adhesively joined and used like an ordinary root post.

The SAR post rescue kit for fractured titanium posts represents an extension to the NTI TopHead system. The especially designed head grinder creates a cavity for the head to be placed over the broken titanium root post. The old post can be used further whereas the head provides a new secure, durable anchorage for the crown.

All NTI root post systems are made of the highest quality materials and guarantee the best stability and safety.