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Tungsten Carbide Burs

NTI tungsten carbide burs are precision instruments with high cutting capacity and long service life. In our product line you will find a wide selection of round burs, pear and cylinder shapes, egg shapes and various tapered instruments. This wide range allows for individual selection in the dental practice.

With the existing variety of shapes, special coatings and different blade configurations the most diverse work can be carried out in the dental practice, such as cavity preparation, crown preparation and crown cutting, but also preparation of fillings, including removal of old fillings. Further fields of application are root canal preparation and root smoothing. Our carbide burs are also used in special areas, such as orthodontics, implantology and crown and bridge technology.

Due to their high cutting capacity blade configuration our excavation burs are ideally suited for caries removal. The special blade geometry provides an extremely low vibration cutting. The slim neck allows a good view to the working area.

In addition, we offer a wide range of crown cutters for all dental materials. Crown cutters, such as H34 and H34L, are particularly suited for metals. The crown cutters H4KMK, H4KMKL and H31RMF are ideally suited for ceramics and metal. In the field of orthodontics, you will also find perfectly adapted instruments for the removal of bracket adhesives, such as the specially coated instrument T21RX which is very popular among orthodontists.

All NTI carbide burs are tailored to the special requirements of the dental practice and guarantee a high cost-efficiency.