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Turbo Diamonds

The NTI Turbo diamond instruments are diamond burs with diamond-free cooling zones on the working part. These diamond burs in FG shanks for use in the turbine are available in selected shapes, such as egg, barrel and pear, also as cylinder, taper, flame, and torpedo, in SC (supercoarse) and C (coarse) grits.

In our ABACUS 2000® series, you will find the Turbo diamond burs in long pear, round taper, torpedo and flame shapes, in C (coarse) grit.

Turbo diamond instruments are used for preparation of crowns and cavities and removal of fillings. The diamond-free zones allow the coolant spray to flow over the instrument during the preparation absorbing the heat generated, thus resulting in fast reduction and cooler cutting. This particular feature minimizes the risk of pulp injury. In conjunction with the grits the spiral produces a smooth surface without any grooves at high removal rates. At the same time the diamond-free spiral provides for an optimum transportation of the tooth substance material (self-cleaning action). This means a reduced work time during crown and cavity preparations, as well as the removal of fillings, made of amalgam or composite.

The rotary turbo diamond instruments from NTI combine an excellent reduction performance, a smooth surface, high cost-efficiency and a more patient-friendly treatment in the dental practice.