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Rotary Dental Instruments for the Dental Laboratory

NTI offers a very comprehensive and coordinated program of rotary instruments for the dental laboratory.

In our product line you will find a wide range of instruments for laboratory work, from special instruments for the Preparation of Zirconia, Diamond Burs for straight hand piece and laboratory turbine, Tungsten Carbide Cutters for all dental materials, Millennium Cutters (especially coated TC cutters), Diamond Discs for separating and contouring, fibre-reinforced Separating Discs, Sintered Diamonds, Polishers for all dental materials and Sets developed in close collaboration with Oliver Brix, MDT Jürgen Freitag, MDT Marcel Unger and others. In addition, our program includes HP Carbide Burs, Carbide Cutters and diamond cutters for Milling Technique, various Mandrels and Abrasives with ceramic bond.

Specialty products for the dental laboratory which were developed and designed by NTI have their integral part in our product range. The CeraGlaze for polishing all ceramic materials and zirconia or the PrimeCut SL diamond disc for cutting all materials of crown and bridge technique just to mention a few. The Z-Cut diamond burs for the laboratory turbine or the milling machine for processing zirconia and lithium disilicate as well as our specially coated carbide cutters - the so-called Millennium Cutters - are very popular among dental technicians around the world.

Our high-tech state-of-the-art production facilities as well as the use of high-quality raw materials guarantee the extraordinary quality and thus the economical service life of NTI products. The high quality standards and the extensive product range make NTI the perfect partner for your dental laboratory.