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HP Diamonds

Rotary diamond instruments with HP shank represent standard instruments with daily use in the dental laboratory. Four different grits, from the fine and medium to the coarse to supercoarse allow for the right selection for any material.

The main areas of application are porcelain and composite veneering techniques. Furthermore, the instruments are used for grinding on acrylics, in case of adjustments of acrylic dentures as well as in grinding other dental materials like alloys, zirconia, green body and white body. For the individual work in the dental laboratory a variety of different shapes of NTI rotary instruments are available such as egg shape, round, various inverted cones, lenses, pears, cylinder, torpedo, flame as well as various conical shapes, but also wheels, grenades and buds.

Furthermore, NTI offers Turbo diamond instruments (848LT and 856T) - the perikymata grinders - for shaping the growth lines by means of a diamond-free spiral on the working part in supercoarse grit size.

For processing acrylics you will find Acrylic Grinders in the NTI range. These special instruments are used for the processing of denture acrylics, individual trays and orthodontic appliances.

The 6 mm wide diamond strips (FS6 and FS6P) precisely prepare contact points between the crowns. Three different grit sizes (medium, fine and superfine) simplify the selection according to the situation and depending on the amount of premature contact between the interdental surfaces. For the removal of premature contacts on occlusal surfaces "The Film" was developed in collaboration with Oliver Brix. The abrasive material in this highly flexible, ultra-thin film marks and removes the premature contacts in a single step.