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Each material used in the dental laboratory requires a special type of polishing. NTI polishers are made of the highest quality materials and are specially designed for the polish of the different materials.

Ceramic polishers comprise the CeraGlaze polishing system which achieves excellent results on all ceramics including zirconia, but also on titanium; the CeraSuperGlaze for processing hybrid ceramics from lithium disilicate with zirconium components; as well as the NTI CeraWhite, NTI CeraPink, CeraGrey and CeraSupergrey and the NTI CeraDia Polishers. Composite polishers such as the EpsiPol, UniWhite and UniBlue polishers as well as various brushes and cotton buffs are used to polish Composite.

Our extensive range includes polishers for thermoplastic materials, PEEK and PMMA, for denture acrylics, for precious and semi-precious metal alloys, non-precious metal alloys and for titanium. For all these materials you will find the suitable polishers with various polishing steps, such as pre-polishing, refined finish and high shine polishing but also for contouring and finishing. The instruments are available in the following shapes: wheel, knife-edge, cylinder, small cup, large cup, inverted cone, flame and point.

The NTI polishers are offered readily assembled with HP shank (for hand piece - ISO 104), RA shank (for right angle - ISO 204) and unmounted. The necessary right mandrels are available here.

Due to the continuous further development of the dental materials and the new requirements on the instruments we are constantly expanding our range.