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Preparation of Zirconia

The ongoing further development of the dental materials constantly presents new challenges for rotary instruments. NTI has already introduced the well-known Z-Cut diamond instruments at IDS 2009. These instruments are coordinated to the special requirements when preparing zirconia. They provide an excellent cutting capacity along with an economical service life to the user. NTI offers these rotary instruments for zirconia in the shapes bud, egg, round, flame, torpedo and palatinal as well as in various conical and cylindrical variants. They are available in four different grit sizes (medium, fine, superfine, ultrafine) for the laboratory turbine, straight hand piece and milling technique.

Crowns and bridges can be easily separated from pre-sintered and sintered zirconia blocks with the NTI Superflex (327) diamond disc in diameters 080 and 100. Another special disc for cutting zirconia is the PrimeCut SL with galvanically sintered edge. In addition to its long service life the PrimeCut SL offers excellent cutting performance and can be used on all materials in a dental laboratory.

Furthermore, specific abrasives such as AllCeramic SuperMax, AllCeramic Plus and AllCeramic Hybrid have been developed for processing oxide and silicate ceramics. The gentle trimming properties of the ceramic bonder reduce the heat build-up during processing.

NTI also offers a special solution for the polish of these materials with the tried and tested CeraGlaze polisher for the straight hand piece. The NTI CeraGlaze is available in three steps - green (abrasive pre-polishing), blue (refined finish) and yellow (high shine polishing).

In addition to the instruments for the processing of sintered zirconia, special Carbide Cutters in superfine, cross cut - also in Millennium Cutter version - are available for processing pre-sintered zirconia. NTI instruments are especially coordinated to the properties of zirconia and facilitate the daily work in the dental laboratory.