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Separating Discs

NTI offers cutting and separating discs for separating the casting sprues of precious metal and metal alloys as well as for ceramics and titanium. Due to their structure the fibre-reinforced separating discs are particularly suitable for efficient work on the different materials. Newly developed binding materials provide a slight flexibility and reduce the risk of fracture. Specially developed textile glass fiber mixtures ensure the stability of the separating discs. Integrated abrasive materials allow fast, safe cutting of all alloys. In addition, the high stability of the binding materials ensures an excellent service life and cost effectiveness.

In order to facilitate the processing of the materials the NTI cutting and separating disc range has been practically extended. The discs SD7011M and SD7012M are only 0.25 mm thick. As a result, these fibre-reinforced cutting discs are ideally suited for cutting off, contouring and shaping. Furthermore, interdental and clasp areas can be very finely formed. The more stable disc SD7014T with a thickness of 0.4 mm is suitable for processing titanium. It simplifies to form round contours with bridges extending from the interdental region. A specialty is the SD7010K separating disc. It is impregnated with diamonds. This enables reliable, cost-effective processing and separation of all ceramic materials.

NTI's fibre-reinforced separating discs facilitate the daily work in the dental laboratory and stand for quality and cost effectiveness.