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Tungsten Carbide Cutters

NTI carbide cutters are precision instruments with high cutting capacity. The NTI line of carbide cutters offers a high quality and wide range of shapes and cuts. This allows trimming of all dental materials.

Carbide cutters in the daily work in a laboratory are used for trimming plaster models, producing crowns and bridges made of precious metal alloys as well as NP alloys, for veneering (composites and porcelain) but also for metal framework, for trimming denture acrylics and ceramics as well as for the production of auxiliaries (such as model resin, tray material).

In addition to standard blade configurations like the Cross Cut standard (CE), the Cross Cut fine (FE) or the Cross Cut superfine (SFE), NTI also offers self-developed innovative cuts such as the NP cut for particularly even surfaces on non-precious metal alloys, the AE special cut for the gentle and smoothing trimming of denture acrylics or the QCE cut for the processing of PMMA thermoplastic materials.

The comprehensive range of carbide cutters is completed by a wide variety of shapes, from round, egg shapes, various cylinder shapes, pears, buds, various conical shapes, inverted cones, torpedoes to flames.

The Millennium Cutters are carbide cutters with a special coating developed by NTI. The smooth surface allows friction-free slipping of the metal chips through the optimum wear resistance. This means a cooler cutting with low heat development of the material surface. The extreme surface hardness ensures a long service life and high cost effectiveness. They are available in SFE (superfine), FE (fine), CE (standard), SCE (coarse) and QF (fine spiral cut).